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We Need Your Support

Ok deep breath.

We have been doing research and discovering that the SBA loans and the CAREs act are not options that will work for the gallery. We do have staff or existing loans and many of these are being given to those with the most assets, leaving small businesses behind.

The actual assistance we have seen so far has been from the community around us. It has been in the form of gift cards, art purchased, & call for art entries. We are so thankful and grateful for that support.

No one wants to ask for help. I really don't like to. I pride myself on figuring out solutions and creative ways to adapt to the changes. Entrepreneurs generally are used to scraping by and making it work. We do this because we love what we do.

All local, small businesses need our community now more then ever. We need each other to keep our small business community alive and able to open doors again once we are able to.

Here are some ways to support us if you can.

1. Engage on our social media, share, follow and comment.

2. Tell your friends and family about the amazing artwork on display.

3. Buy a gift card.

4. Shop our online store for art gifts and logo apparel.

5. Donate. We have set up the GoFundMe page below.

We love and appreciate you all, we miss being able to see you in person and share the artwork with you. We miss having opening receptions and celebrating art together. We appreciate any support and are sending you a big virtual hug!

Click on either of the images to DONATE today. Thank you:)


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