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Building Blocks Online Courses

The following online courses have been designed to help artists of all levels understand the essentials needed to operate and grow their professional practice. The courses are designed to be taken in the order they are presented below but you are welcome to enroll in the course that you feel best fits your needs at the moment. Each online course is broken up into sections and most include downloadable PDFs as guides. 

Each course is available to you for 45 days. Learn at your own pace and have a deadline in place to ensure you complete it. After you finish each course you will receive a certificate of completion. This is an accomplishment you can add to your curriculum vitae. 

New! How to Work with Galleries & Art Organizations is a 16-page downloadable PDF that you can study at any time from your computer or device. It also includes a special discount code to enroll in an online course of your choice. 

Other available services for artists include portfolio reviews, one-on-one mentoring, photography, document review & and writing. 

Contact Alexis to learn more at

Making a Difference, Together

By purchasing any of these programs you are helping Art Connective Inc., a non-profit art organization, continue its mission of supporting the arts and artists. Art Connective also teaches free art workshops to youth who are part of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northeast Wisconsin. These workshops do not happen without the support of the community and you. 


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