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Creativity Takes Courage

Art is for everyone to enjoy, become inspired by, and appreciate. Making something using your hands is a special creative process. Taking an idea and turning it into a physical item takes time, patience, openness, and skill. It is a way of expressing oneself. To share your hand-made artwork with others can be scary and overwhelming. It is such an intimate process, you are sharing your inner thoughts with others, and as we know today's world can be a cruel place. Art Connective provides the tools and opportunities for artists of all levels to learn and grow their businesses. 

Art Connective offers free learning via our blog, podcast, Instagram, TikTok, Threads and Facebook accounts. Ready to embrace your gift and turn it into your business? Then Art Connective's online courses are the next step to help you define and build a solid foundation to build off of. 

It is key to a strong and vibrant community is to have artists showcasing and sharing their work.

Art Connective is here to help artists do just that, thrive! 

We are proud to be a small part of that. 

Art Connective Inc is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting the arts. 

EIN 86-3966917

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My Story

Art Connective is a non-profit art organization that started as a pop-up in 2018. The original name was Artless Bastard which was met with much controversy.  The gallery focused on unique calls for art themes giving artists opportunities to showcase their original artwork to the public. It was created as a haven for artists.


The gallery changed ownership in October 2019 when Alexis took it over. Alexis heard about the possible closure of the gallery and immediately knew she was meant to save it. The gallery was the first to accept a piece of her fine art photography and showcase it after she had been out of the state for fifteen years in Portland, Oregon. She had felt lost trying to find where she fit into the art community after moving back. Portland had an amazing creative community that valued connections, referrals, and learning from one another. Moving to a new city, even if it is your home state, made her feel alone and unsupported at times. She felt called to help the local art community connect and support them on their journey.​​

The gallery has evolved over the years in many ways, including its name and becoming a non-profit in 2021. It gives emerging artists opportunities to showcase via call for art and teaches classes to adults and youth. We host special events, a unique gift section, a working artist studio space, and more. 

As of June 2023, both brick-and-mortar locations are closed. Everything Art Connective currently offers is online and focuses on educating artists located worldwide. After curating over 40 group and solo exhibitions I quickly learned the majority of artists are just winging it when it comes to their business. This is where the online courses came from, the need to educate artists on what is expected of them in the art world. By knowing these foundational elements artists will see more success by being able to apply for opportunities with confidence. 


As a working photographer and encaustic artist, I have applied what I have learned to my practice. I offer the tips and advice to help others on their journey. I believe those who have a gift should share it and also be able to earn income from it. 

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With gratitude,


President & Artist

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