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The Art of Pre-framing: Balancing Convenience and Creativity at Blank Inspiration

The Art of Pre-framing: Balancing Convenience and Creat

I was very excited when I learned about Blank Inspiration. As a working artist myself I am always on the lookout for ways to save time and elevate my practice. Even though I am not a painter or work on canvas I saw the value in what Blank Inspiration is doing. As a past gallery owner, I have had thousands of pieces of artwork cross my path. I curated and hung every exhibition and if you were in the gallery with me when I was on a tight deadline to do this, you would have heard me swearing and seen me rolling my eyes.

With every exhibition, both group and solo, there would always be a couple of pieces of artwork that were not framed correctly or even worse had no hardware on the back of the artwork to hang it. I have seen stunning pieces of artwork only to be diminished by a secondhand frame the artist had found at a resale shop. I have seen them pulling apart at the corners and even worse I have seen frames that did not have the correct depth for the canvas and the artist created a crime scene on the back of it trying to attach the artwork to the frame.

I teach about the importance of framing in my online course "Presentation". Framing can make or break your artwork. You spent hours and hours creating it, you want to make sure it is finished so it stands out. Framing is a skill and not one everyone has time to learn nor do they want to.

Blank Inspiration is for the artist who wants more time in the studio, doing what they love, painting. Let's learn more about how you can elevate your artistic practice with pre-framed canvas for artists.

The Art of Pre-framing: Balancing Convenience and Creat

Blank Inspiration

Pre-framing, the process of selecting a frame at the very beginning of your artistic adventure, offers a mixed palette of pros and cons. Let’s explore these to help you make an informed decision. 

Pros of Pre-framing Your Artwork

 1. Time and Cost Efficiency: Pre-framing is a time-saver. Artists can focus more on their craft and less on the logistics of finding a separate frame. Additionally, bundling the cost of framing with the artwork often leads to savings, making it a cost-effective option.

 2. Enhanced Composition: Starting with a frame in mind allows artists to tailor their composition to the frame, creating a cohesive and harmonious piece where the artwork and frame complement each other perfectly. 

 3. Convenience in Shipping: Our pre-framed artworks come pre-packaged, which is ideal for artists who sell their work online. This not only ensures that the artwork is secure during transit but also simplifies the shipping process. 

The Art of Pre-framing: Balancing Convenience and Creat

Cons of Pre-framing Your Artwork

 1. Limited Sizing Options: Our range of frames comes in standard sizes, which means artists are required to work within these dimensions. This limitation can pose a challenge for those who envision their artwork in non-standard sizes or unique dimensions. 

 2. Fixed Canvas and Frame Selection: The canvases and frames are part of our fixed product line. While this ensures quality and consistency, it does restrict artists to the materials and styles we offer, potentially limiting the full expression of their unique style. 

Thank you to Blank Inspiration for sharing their pro's and cons list. To learn more and order today please visit

The Art of Pre-framing: Balancing Convenience and Creat

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