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Updates with the Gallery during COVID-19

Hey everyone, I have been feeling very calm and hopeful the past week but now other emotions are starting to come up. It was a really hard decision to close because the gallery since it is a very low traffic space (unless it's an opening reception) and I believe art is healing. My frustration is seeing how many other businesses are still open and all the people who are out and about. I certainly don't live in a state of fear but now I'm getting frustrated at what I'm seeing and hearing around me.

Either way, I am still hopeful that this will all pass over quickly and we can get back to a somewhat normal routine. With that said after careful thought I have decided to keep the current show, Amplified up until May 2nd. As you will see below the current call for art has been extended and that show opening date is now May 8th. You will also see the updated dates for the next shows. Basically everything has been pushed back a month.

If you want to get out of the house and see the current show you can call, email or text me to set up a private viewing. All the art is available for sale and supporting our artists is important during this time, they are often forgotten during times like this as toilet paper becomes a primary focus. (sorry had to:) I am also offering delivery of artwork within a 30 mile radius of Green Bay if you would prefer that option. As you are home, cleaning, & organizing look for spaces that original artwork would add beauty and color to your walls. Remember for many of our artists this is their livelihood.

Please follow the gallery on instagram and facebook as I do updates and posts that have current info on them. Please be kind, take a break from social media, read a book, go for a walk, make some art and support one another during this odd and difficult time in history.

Love you all, hope to see you sooner than later.


Here are some of the current pieces in the Amplified show that are hung at the gallery. This is a fun way to see the artwork in a home setting. How it will work in your space based on size and also colors. If you would like more info about any of the original pieces of artwork shown below please call, email or text. All are currently available for sale.

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