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New Beginnings Show

January has come to an end. Hopefully the transition into 2020 went smoothly for you. Did you make any resolutions? Have you kept the changes you wanted to make? Maybe instead of putting that pressure on yourself think of how much you have grown and evolved from the previous year. Then celebrate that.

During the month of January the New Beginnings group exhibition featured a variety of artwork relating to a new start, releasing the old, renewal, change and growth. I thought this theme tied in well to me recently taking over the gallery and of course moving into a new year. Lots of changes had happened!

Here are highlights from the show. Of course we always recommend coming in and enjoying the artwork in person, as it’s meant to be seen. All artwork shown are originals and can not be copied or reproduced without written consent from the artist.

Thanks for supporting the arts and the community. Artless Bastard

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