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Check Your Ego At the Door

Ahh the ego. Here to protect us but it also gets in the way, especially with creatives.

So what exactly is the ego?

The ego is a psychological construct that is formed through a combination of our experiences, emotions, and beliefs. It helps us to develop a sense of self-identity and self-worth, and can play a role in our decision-making processes and how we interact with others. However, when our ego becomes too inflated or rigid, it can also hold us back and prevent us from experiencing personal growth and meaningful connections with others.

Read that last sentence again.

Now take a moment and sit with this. How have you prevented yourself and your art from growing over the past year? How have you missed out on creating connections to build a support system and encourage your growth? Write it down so you don't forget.

Is your artist ego stopping or slowing your growth?

You are not the only artist who experiences this. Many artists struggle with their ego and how it affects their work. When an artist becomes too attached to their own ideas and their own sense of self-worth, it can be difficult for them to accept criticism or feedback. This can lead to a lack of growth and development in their craft. Key word is attached. Attachment to anything is unhealthy and only creates feelings of scarcity, fear and the need to control. To help you move past these feelings just remember nothing is forever & change is the only constant.

Artists who are able to put their ego aside, on the other hand, are often able to create more freely and with greater authenticity. By being open to feedback and willing to take risks, they are able to push the boundaries of their art and create work that truly resonates with their audience.

It's important for artists to recognize when their ego is getting in the way and to actively work on overcoming those barriers. This can involve seeking out feedback from trusted sources, taking time for self-reflection, and being willing to experiment and try new things. By doing so, an artist can continue to grow and evolve, both personally and creatively.

Removing any attachment to your work is the first step. What is so difficult in regards to removing attachment is artists are sharing their inner thoughts and emotions through their artwork. It is a very personal journey and experience. When your work is critiqued or reviewed you may see any negative remarks as an attack on you personally. If you have ever had that feeling or became upset or angry towards someone giving you feedback then it is time to do some inner work. Your ego is stepping in to protect you, triggering a safety mechanism from past experiences.

Once you understand where that is originating from you can start to be more aware of it when the ego is triggered. As creatives you are expressing your inner thoughts and experiences so why not take more time to learn about yourself?

When you are able to remove attachment and ego you can now look at it as a business. You are the business, you are the creative mind steering the ship. Start to look at the areas you are not putting energy towards. Is it showing your work in public spaces? Sharing on social media? Maintaining your website? Building relationships? Marketing? The list can go on and on. Creating is a small part of being an artist. To grow and gain access to more opportunities get out of your own way and leave the ego at the door.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and learn the foundational elements necessary to grow your artistic business? Enrollment is now open for the online courses created specifically to guide you through the building blocks needed to run your art business.

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1 Comment

Darcy Doiel
Darcy Doiel
Jul 18, 2023

No ego here. My next painting is my favorite, always.

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