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Building Blocks for Becoming a Successful Artist

The idea of artists having to starve to pursue their talent is long rooted in history when it was first mentioned over 250 years ago by the writer Henri Merger. Times were very different back then and so much has changed, yet this concept seems to have "stuck". If someone you meet asks you what you do and you tell someone you are an artist they will most likely follow up with another question, "Sooo what do you do full time?" or "How do you make a living from that?"

So much misinformation has been passed down and continues to circulate. The fine art world seems to like an air of mystery surrounding it. I discovered over the past four years that all artists were experiencing the same issues no matter their age, experience or education. Many don't want to talk about it but the ones who did open up and express their frustrations & confusion were all having the same issues.

Of course the biggest one is how do you make a living from your art? But in order to answer that question you need to really sit down with the individual and dig into where they currently are at, what has been working, what hasn't and what are their goals. This takes time and self reflection by you.

This is when I realized it was time to educate and share the information that is not being discussed as it should be. There is enough for everyone. I want you to remember that and each artist is on their own unique path and journey. Success looks different to each of us and it is important you take the time to figure out what that looks like for you.

The one thing to be aware of is if you don't know where you are going first then the ride is going to be that much longer and difficult. That is why I created an online course called the Building Blocks for Becoming a Successful Artist. The five courses outline what you need to know and what you should implement.

As the title states, this is about building a solid foundation for you to grow off of. It starts with you Defining Your Business Model then moves into Documents, Pricing, Presentation and finally Opportunities. Each one is essential and provides pros and cons & downloadable pdfs to help you while you are learning the practical advice.

Enrollment is now open, there are limited spots available and the last chance to register is June 11th, 2023. Save and allow yourself more time to learn by bundling the courses and also receive a complementary portfolio review.

This is about learning how to run your creative business professionally. You are the owner of it, you decide how it will look and what you want it to do. I am excited for you to start your journey towards growth and knowledge! It's time to get one step closer to opening more doors of opportunity that you want to walk through.

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