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Artless Bastard, Inc Non-Profit Announcement!

We couldn't be more excited to finally announce we have transitioned the gallery to a non-profit, 5013C art gallery! Paperwork was filed in May and we have been patiently waiting to announce it to you. We were hoping that the IRS would have already given us our determination letter as it takes 4-6 weeks to process since the date we sent it in. Unfortunately, everyone is behind including them. So we are currently on week 9 of waiting. We know the letter will arrive but in the meantime we also know we have work to do in the art community! Which is why we decided to stop waiting to announce it and are finally share the exciting news with you!

Why switch to a non-profit? Well after taking a huge hit over the year of Covid we knew something had to change. Even though we received grants from the city and state & we had many reach out and donate to the gallery individually. This was such a blessing, you have no idea how much it helped keep the doors open. As someone who doesn't like to ask for help this was a humbling thing to do. It was a blessing to see the support from the community and also from people outside of it.

The galleries day to day operations will stay the same. We will continue to have themed group exhibits, solo show, represent artists each year, workshops and events. With the transition to non-profit it opens the doors to amp things up! The gallery has ideas and wants to really make an impact on the arts in the community. In order to do that we realize we need your help. The arts need supporters who believe in the beauty, inspiration and creativity it brings to an area.

Those who has spoken with me one on one know how frustrated I was moving back to Wisconsin (my home state) after living in such a vibrant art city in Portland, Oregon. The difference? It's not talent. It's not a lack of artists or creatives. It's a lack of support of one another and a lack of opportunities for artists. The gallery is dedicated to changing that. Learning is key to our mission. Artists need to learn how to be good at their business. Sharing is key to our mission. Sharing artwork with the public is important to connecting a community. Creating opportunities for artists to learn and work are key to our mission. Grants, best in show prizes, commissions are all a part of that.

With you and with your support, we can and we will make all of these things happen! The galleries board is made up of artists. Yup, artists. Aren't those the people who know what is missing and what needs to happen within their own profession and community? These are individuals of all age ranges, varying experiences and different styles of art. These are people who are passionate about helping. I can't wait for you to see the impact we will make. I can't wait for you to be a part of it! Join us now, support the gallery any way you can. Share this post, follow us on social media, volunteer, tag a friend who has never visited, donate any amount or become a sponsor. We sincerely thank you for all the support up until now. You have no idea how grateful we are to have such a beautiful space to share with you:)

Here's to making waves! Be kind, do something good and keep creating.

Cheers - Alexis, Director and President

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