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3 Ways Your #givingtuesday Donation Supports the De Pere Community

#givingtuesday is TOMORROW, November 30, and we're participating for the first time! As a newly-registered non-profit in De Pere, we're excited to dive in and make an even bigger impact on our community and create a local space for the arts. To do that, we need your help, which is why we're asking you to support us this #givingtuesday. Your donation will directly benefit artists, De Pere residents, and the surrounding community.

Here's how.

  1. It helps us support De Pere, Green Bay, and other local artists.

Northeastern Wisconsin is home to many talented artists, several of them living right here in De Pere. (Check out this painting by Joseph Tullbane paying homage to our pelicans.) Our gallery offers these artists—our friends, neighbors, family, and students—a site to showcase and promote their work, as well as a place to meet other artists and community members. Since for-profit galleries can be exclusive or charge steep commissions for work, we aim to welcome a variety of artists and help them earn a fair price for their work. Your donation helps us pay for the physical space where artists display their work, supports our online promotional efforts, and enables us to offer lower commissions.

Here are a few of the artists the Artless Bastard represented in 2021:

Carmen Duran

Carmen Duran is a local painter who focuses on Midwestern landscapes, gardens, and florals. She describes her work as “whimsical, with vivid colors and bold brushstrokes and textures.”

Terri Einer

Terri Einer is an Oshkosh-based artist who uses bold colors to represent Wisconsin scenes and farmscapes. Her primary medium is painting, although she also enjoys ink and pastels.

Gary Gossens

Gary is a multimedia artist most recently working with wood and lumber to create awesome guitars depicting Neil Young and other musicians. He’s based in Northeastern Wisconsin and has been involved in art for over 50 years.

2. It aids in creating a culture around the arts in De Pere and the surrounding area.

Artless Bastard was founded on the belief that De Pere needs more art—physical works, a place for them, and culture. In fact, that's how we got our name. "Artless" refers to how the gallery's original owners felt touring De Pere homes that lacked artwork; "bastard" nods to the fact that artists are often seen as the black sheep of their families. Artless Bastard, as a gallery, aims to generate a celebration around art and the people who create it, and we want to make original artwork accessible to this community.

Beyond the physical artwork exhibited in our gallery, the Artless Bastard hosts events, workshops, and popups. Your donation means we can continue to offer free or discounted events where artists and community residents can connect, learn, shop, celebrate, and otherwise gather. From specialized workshops for artists to learn how to promote themselves to family-friendly decoration workshops, there's something for everyone to enjoy here.

Our past events have included themed exhibits, a masquerade party, Paint and Wine Night, and live music events. (Don't forget to join us for our upcoming Holiday Gnome Workshop and Holly Days Holiday Pop-Up!)

3. It helps us continue our educational efforts for artists and the community.

One of the core tenets of our mission is learning, which means we look to go beyond appreciation of art. We facilitate learning through classes, workshops, and podcast and blog content that artists can utilize to support their business and market their work—content that many artists haven't learned as part of formal training in their craft. We help teach artists how to make a more profitable business so they can be more fairly compensated for their work (and gain visibility with prospective customers). Community members are also welcome to engage in these events, our skills workshops, and other gatherings. Your donation helps us keep our free content free and offer courses at discounted rates.

Are you an artist looking for free content on promoting your business? Subscribe to the Artless Podcast here.

Show your support for local artists and De Pere this #givingtuesday!

The above ways are just a few examples of how your donation to the Artless Bastard helps our community. Being in our first year as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation also helps us get on our feet and bounce back after closures following the pandemic. We rely on generous donors like you in many ways, and we appreciate your continued support of our gallery. Donate now.

New to Artless Bastard? Learn more about us here, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on events, exhibits, and more.

Thank you for your support!

The Artless Bastard Team!


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