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Rebeccah Klodt

Artist Bio:

Rebeccah Klodt is an abstract artist from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, USA. Over thirty of her pieces have been displayed in galleries from coast to coast in nearly a dozen art exhibitions in 2021 alone. She works out of her Minneapolis studio overlooking the Mississippi River, and her lake home as well.


Nature is a key inspiration for Rebeccah; however, she is always quick to give credit to her three creative children, husband, and loyal pets for their valuable encouragement.

Rebeccah has worked for thirty-four years as an interior designer and continues to partner with other designers, artists, and architects in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

Artist Statement: 

Life’s majesty is the frame for my art, which then reverberates the brilliance of the world through reflection. Specifically for this series, the art is meant to reflect the beauty of the audience. This grants the art an identity, the audience, which is paramount to my artistic philosophy.

Typically, I leave my paintings untitled. From person to person, each piece means something different. The individualized meaning, and personal interpretation of art is important to me, and I want viewers to be able to interpret my art without context beyond themselves. Title the art yourself, your perception of the piece gives it meaning, and I thank you for it. Feel free to share your experience, I would love to hear from you.

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