Debra Davis Crabbe


Artist Bio:


Debra is an abstract painter living and working in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. She began drawing at a very young age and attended a high school where she was able to major in art. She went on to art school and received her B.F.A. in Painting.

Debra had a career as a graphic designer and illustrator and continued to do her personal work. Now focused completely on painting, she has participated in a number of group exhibits and has her first solo exhibition this year.

Artist Statement:

I paint what I feel, what is internal. Painting, and color in particular, says what I don’t have words to say.

Working intuitively, I hone in on what I want a piece to say as I go. There’s an exchange between the starting point and my reaction to what I see emerging - it’s a constant give and take. The process of adding and taking away and building layers creates a history and depth both physically and emotion- ally. I’m interested in a direct path to emotional energy - if a technique or concept gets in the way of that, I get rid of it.

I’m an abstract painter because for me abstract painting gives me freedom to express myself more fully and in a more universal way than I have felt with my representational work of the past.