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Alhaitham Jassar

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Nature is the mother of all inspiration, and awing the viewer with the beauty of our natural heritage is my ultimate goal, my mission, my passion. With that being said, nature can be seen from many different angles and points of view, which is why I choose to paint scenes that are different and tell a story. My paintings strive to depict a frozen moment of a glorious event of life in the natural world. Oil paint is such a powerful tool to transfer this beauty and record it onto a humble canvas.

Showing my work and sharing my passion in my home state of Wisconsin is a big goal of mine. I consider it an honor and privilege. My sincere hope is that the viewer enjoys looking at my art as much as I enjoy making it.

In addition to my current body of work, there is a new collection of paintings in the works which will feature SCUBA divers and snorkelers as a celebration of their efforts in preserving the underwater environment. “Dancing with the Shark” marks the first of the series.


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